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11/20/18 - Peach Bowl Rehearsal Cancelation

12:15 PM

A very quick update ... I just received the most recent itinerary update for the Peach Bowl trip late this morning from our travel coordinator... I had been hoping to receive it much sooner so I could proofread it, confirm it, and then finish typing up the final trip information packets for today's rehearsal/meeting. The reason for the delay is because of multiple recent drop-outs/additions to the trip, which impacted the organization of our flights, hotels, chaperone/flight assignments. It has taken up a great deal of time for forward progress.


Unfortunately, it is not realistic for me to complete everything by 3:30 PM with the time I have in the day, and I do not want to rush this process for the sake of "getting it done" and sending home information that contains errors; therefore, today's initial rehearsal & meeting will be postponed until after break.  It will now be part of the already-scheduled rehearsal on Wednesday, November 28 from 3:30 - 5:50 PM. The meeting portion will take place beginning at 5:00 PM in the band room. Parents are highly encouraged to attend, although all information will be clearly outlined in the materials sent home. I will need parent volunteers to help with room set-up/turn-over while the band is rehearsing outside (plan to arrive around 4:30 PM). 


I will be working extremely diligently to get ALL final information put together. It will be posted on a special page on the band website by tomorrow night at the absolute latest. I want to get this done before the holiday, as I know many people will be out shopping and purchasing things specifically for the trip. Thank you for your understanding & patience - I am working as fast as circumstances allow.




Have a restful & enjoyable break. A full band update will go out this weekend.


- Mr. Kenney

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