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Update #5 - Thursday, August 30, 2018


This is not a full update - that will be sent out on Sunday. 


Trip Insurance

If you are going to purchase trip insurance, you must pay for it on the first or second trip deposit. Please indicate on the memo section of your check that the payment includes the insurance payment as well. Apologies for not making that clearer.

Non-Flight Agreement Form Error

For those who are driving on their own to the Peach Bowl, there is a separate agreement form for you to contractually sign and agree to the correct amount. However, with the limited time I had to make an update, I ended up editing the document over two computers and saved an old version over the new one, so the chaperone total still shows the flight cost, even though the payment dates and amounts are correct. Since I already distributed the forms and don't want everyone to fill out a brand new one, I will personally hand-correct, initial, and date each form that comes in. The correct parent total for non-flight travel should be $799.86.

In the event you wish to download & submit the corrected form, click here


With the timing of the trip approval landing in the middle of band camp, I did not get to implement the chaperone application process that I intended. That is what we are going to do - we will accept payments and packets from parents interested in chaperoning. We will review those who are intending to participate and send a confirmation list so we can be sure to meet our quota for adults without going over. In the event we must turn down an adult, we will be sure to return deposits.


Three videos have been added to the Member's Area. It contains ALL drill for Get Ready. It contains the aerial packet view, and 3D perspectives both front and back. ​


I am extending the band officer nomination period to today at 3 PM. We will elect officers next week on Wednesday (first odd day) with a paper ballot. The nomination form is on the member's area. 

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