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Update #2 - Sunday, August 12, 2018

Congratulations on a strong and productive first full week of camp. Onward & upward!

**Note: I am working on getting recordings edited & posted tonight.


#1. Week 2 – Recap:



  • Communication is improving. Nearly the entire band organization followed our attendance policy last week. I was also glad to see many people turning in Excused Absence Request Forms for events as late in November, and even for dates that don’t have events scheduled. It really helps to know in advance who isn’t available when considering last-minute changes to our schedule.

  • We covered more stands music in week 1 than last year’s band did in probably 3 weeks. Experience helps, but preparation also makes a difference. Quite a few new members have noticeably put in time over the summer.

  • On average, sectionals are far more productive than previous years. Some sections still have some work to do with following their leaders (respecting the hierarchy) and listening, but most of what I am observing and the feedback I am receiving is positive.


Suggestions/Improvement Areas:

  • We need clearer walkways in the band room – many people can still get their bags/belongings into their locker. Locker assignments are coming shortly.

  • We need more consistency in effort throughout the day. Band camp days are challenging, but we need to make the most of every single moment that we have – you will truly understand the value of band camp time as soon as the school year begins.

  • We lost at least 2-3 hours last week working to get vocal responses up to an acceptable level… if we had those hours, we probably would have covered all of our marching commands, covered more parade basics, and possibly even gotten into the stands in the stadium.

#2. Week 2 – Goal Recap:

Each week this season, we will recap our goals. I always over-program each week, but it would certainly be nice to check off every box… it is possible!


Last week’s goals (how we did)

[NO] Introduce all marching fundamentals

     (X) Determine halftime show shadows

[NO] School Songs (introduce, refine, & memorize)

[X] Finalize part assignments & music rehearsal seating

[X] Stands music - Tier 1 Music

[X] Pass out  & start on show music

[X] Sectionals (introduce, go over expectations)

[X] Team Building/Ice Breakers

[X] Parade Basics (formation, spacing, turns, start w/basic distance)

[NO] Test new stadium stands seating (to give time for adjustments)

[NO] Drill Chart Reading 101 (Monday 8/13 will be first drill rehearsal)


This week’s goals:

[ ] Finish marching fundamentals (3Q turn review, pinwheels, slants, box drills)

     >  Bonus: march-off competition (if time)

[ ] Refine & Memorize School Songs (section checks this week, individuals next)

[ ] Drill Chart Reading 101 (drill rehearsals will begin late-week)

[ ] Test new stadium stands seating & "sound check"

[ ] Tier 1 Stands Music: memorization rehearsals

[ ] Tier 2 Stands Music: play through all

[ ] Tier 3 Stands Music: start at least three

[ ] Parade (playing/marching): increasing distance (using memorized Tier 1 music)

[ ] Binder Checks (all instrumentalists & drumline)

[ ] Uniform Fitting (Seniors, Juniors & Sophomores – Freshmen next week)


Plan on a lot of playing on Monday & Tuesday this week. This will be mixed in with playing and marching. By Wednesday we will be starting on the first sets of the show (assuming we are musically ready).


#3. Band Camp Reminders: (based on last week)


  • Belongings: When you come into the band room, put your belongings in anylocker. Lockers will be assigned starting next week. You may bring a lock, but it must not stay on overnight. Cases must be away except when opening/closing them.

  • Freshmen Shirts: Freshmen must continue to wear white shirts.

  • Lunch: You will not have time to leave campus for lunch. Plan to pack a lunch and bring extra snacks.

  • Hallways/Off Limit Areas: Stay in the band room area at all times. No one is allowed in the hallways past the gymnasium area. I will be notified immediately if band members are seen elsewhere. If you must go somewhere other than the band room area, you must be escorted or have a written pass.

  • Music Binders: We will be checking every instrumentalist and drumline member for complete music binders by the end of this week. See your section leader for assistance.

  • Food/Drink: NO FOOD OR DRINK OTHER THAN WATER in the band room. We have eating areas in 690 and 694 (both rooms air conditioned). Avoid eating in hallways.

  • Closing Times: The band room, 690, and 694 will be closing immediately following band camp rehearsals. Please plan to be picked up or leave. 

#4. Student Deadlines/To-Do List:

[ ] LATE: Medical Information Sheets

[ ] LATE: Yellow Agenda Signature Sheets (Page 36)

[ ] Pay for Marching Shoes (if sized: $36 reg./$39 super). Checks to B&B Music.

[ ] Submit ANY Excused Absence Requests (for August to December)

[ ] Log in to Charms & Update Personal Information

[ ] Sign up for all appropriate Remind groups (see agenda: page 7)

[ ] Instrumentalists/Drumline: complete & organize music binders (more checks coming)


#5. Pom – Schedule Update:

Pom: please plan to attend rehearsal tomorrow from 9 AM to 12 PM to finish up marching fundamentals and conditioning. After that time, you may be dismissed. Following the school board meeting at 5:00 PM, additional information regarding the rest of this week, and the announcement of the new coach’s hiring will be sent to you as soon as possible.


#6. Weekly Schedule/Weather:

Monday, August 13:

  • Full Band, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

    • Seniors/Juniors uniform fitting

    • School board meeting: 5:00 PM

      • Peach Bowl & Pom Coach confirmations

  • Showers & Heaver T-Storm (67% chance), 82° (feels like 103°)

  • UV Index 4/10

Tuesday, August 14:

  • Full Band, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

    • Sophomores: uniform fitting

  • August Parents Meeting, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM (Band Room)

  • Partly Sunny/T-Storms (40% chance), 86° (feels like 92°)

  • UV Index 9/10

Wednesday, August 15: **ACTIVITY BUS BEGINS**

  • Full Band, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

  • Partly Sunny, 89° (feels like 95°)

  • UV Index 9/10

Thursday, August 16:**

  • Full Band, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

  • Clouds & Sun; Hot, 92° (feels like 97°)

  • UV Index 4/10

**May give Thursday off depending on progress & staff’s ability to take care of next phase of planning (dependent on how much time is “taken away” for avoidable things!). 



#7. Parent Updates

“Beats from the Boosters”

Uniform fitting begins this week – sign up in Charms to help Monday (10-1pm) and Tuesday (9-12) morning. Upperclassmen this week, freshmen next week!


  • Booster meeting – this Tuesday, 8/14, at 6:30 in the band room. Come join us as we debrief Fair parking, line up uniform fittings, get set for football season, and so much more!

  • Band cookout – August 23rd – 1pm

    • We (Boosters) are providing meats/buns for the cookout (there is a sign up if your child is vegetarian – we have options!)

    • Each instrument section has been assigned food – see below & have your child sign up in the band room.

      • Trombone/Baritone/Tuba – Condiments

      • Trumpet/Mellophone – Fruit

      • Drumline – Drinks

      • Flute/Clarinet – Cookies and/or Brownies

      • Saxophone/Colorguard – Chips

      • Pom/Baton – Paper Products

    • Opportunities - Help cook dogs and burgers with Mark; Set-up and organize the foodstuff

  • Fundraisers going on currently:

    • Wa-Wa hoagie cards

    • Scrips Gift card fundraiser – did you know there are over 700 businesses to choose from?! You can find the order form on Charms!

  • Upcoming Fundraisers:

    • September 24th – Georgia House dinner – students will be given tickets to sell before school starts

    • October is for Krispy Kreme Donuts! The volume of donuts that we sell is UNBELIEVABLE! And not to mention DELICOUS!

  • These fundraisers help to decrease the total cost of trips planned for the band and help to keep the band running smoothly.

  • Email us below if you need any of the fundraiser order forms/fliers.

  • Make sure you have signed up and/or downloaded the Charms app. It is our go-to for volunteering and planning around calendar events!


If you have questions about a volunteer opportunity, contact us at





That is all for this week.


If you will be replying to this email, please copy G. Batten ( on your response.


Thank you & have a great week,

- Mr. Kenney

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