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Update #14 - Monday, October 29, 2018



Apologies for the late update this week. I didn't want to post it until some details were finalized.


  • With the football team’s two recent victories, there is some talk about their playoff hopes being alive. This is just a reminder that if they are selected for the state tournament, there may be an additional game added on Friday or Saturday, November 16/17. It will be a required performance, since this possibility has been outlined in the band member student agenda.

  • Seniors: please pick up and fill out a senior night bio sheet. These need to be turned in quickly – I need them by Tuesday at 3:15 PM (tomorrow), so I have time to type/rehearse the script.

  • Take note: The Winter Concert date, time, and location has been set. It will be on Thursday, December 13, 2018, 7:00 PM, at the Georgetown Community Cheer Center. The call time for the band will be 5:00 PM. This is a summative performance grade for Period 1 and Period 7 band.

  • Effective immediately, I am turning off the reply feature to my Remind announcements. It is not being used productively. Going forward, please use email for all communication with me.

  • The DMEA All-State application deadline is coming up (Friday, November 9). This is for Jr. Band, Sr. Band, and Jazz. Turn in the application with the $15 fee in the attached envelope before that date. Late applications will cost an additional $50 through 11/23. After that date, they will not be accepted. For more info, go to If you need audition music, please see me. You will need an original copy of your solo at the audition.

    • Keep in mind… if you wish to do “big” individual events like the WVU Honor Bands, US Army All American Band, Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall, or study music beyond graduation… it is very important to at least be auditioning for All-State or County Band, as many events only accept students based on your “resume.”

  • Thank you for a speedy/efficient Krispy Kreme donut pickup last week. Special thank you to the Alpert family for volunteering their time to coordinate & organize all of the orders.



  • Words cannot begin to express how proud I am of the job you guys did at DSU. You all definitely made your mark and let them know who the Raven Nation is and what we are all about. Even though the game ran long (3rd quarter took like an hour), it was cold and we got back roughly an hour and a half later than what was originally projected, I hope that you all took something from this experience (especially now having witnessed two HBCU bands).

    Upon loading up, I had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Wilma Mishoe, who is the president of DSU. She was so excited that we were able to perform after the game but was sad that they had to cancel the parade and that one day she hopes to get us up there to perform.

    To the parents and staff that assisted to make the day a success, I thank you. Definitely could not have done this without your support and help. Your dedication to this program does not go unnoticed.

    Until the next time,
    G. Batten



[ ] Start more intensive preparations for Winter Concert

[ ] Prepare for Return Day parade (Washington Post/Our Delaware)

[ ] Prepare for Veteran’s Day assembly (Period 1 Band)

[ ] Take care of your academics (no rehearsal Tuesday or Wednesday)



THIS WEEK: Game #9: Senior Night vs. Polytech HS

  • Monday 10/29 [ODD]: Jazz Band (reading session), 3:30 – 5:30

  • Tuesday 10/30 [EVEN]: NO REHEARSALS

  • Wednesday 10/31 [ODD/LDP]: NO REHEARSALS

  • Thursday 11/1 [EVEN]: After-School Rehearsal, 3:30 - 5:50

  • Friday 11/2 [ODD]: Game #9: Senior Night vs. Polytech HS

  • Saturday 11/3: 8th Grade Open House, call time 7:15 AM


NEXT TWO WEEKS: GAME #10: Away vs. Cape Henlopen/Potential Playoff Game

  • Monday 11/5 [EVEN]: Jazz Band, 3:30 – 5:50

  • Tuesday 11/6: NO SCHOOL (Election Day)

  • Wednesday 11/7 [ODD/LDP]: After-School Rehearsal, 3:30 – 5:50

  • Thursday 11/8: Return Day Parade (call time 11:00 AM at STHS)

  • Friday 11/9 [EVEN]: MULTIPLE EVENTS

    • AM: Veteran’s Day Assembly (Period 1 Band Only)

    • Game #10: Away vs. Cape Henlopen HS

  • Monday 11/12: NO SCHOOL (Veteran’s Day Observed)

  • Tuesday 11/13 [ODD]: NO REHEARSALS – BOOSTER MEETING, 6:30 PM

  • Wednesday 11/14 [EVEN]: Peach Bowl Rehearsal & General Meeting, 3:30 – 5:45 PM

    • More details will be sent this weekend.

  • Thursday 11/15 [ODD]: Jazz Band, 3:30 – 5:50 PM

  • Friday 11/16 [EVEN]: No Rehearsal *HOLD FOR POSSIBLE PLAYOFF GAME*

The long-term schedule can always be viewed by logging in to Charms at



3:15 PM          School Day Ends

                        - Put all belongings in Room 690 (will be labeled by section)

                        - Senior night dinner info has been sent by the boosters.

5:40 PM         Call Time – Full Uniform in Band Room

                        Warm Up, Review & Focus

6:10 PM          Parade Formation **Performance Starts Now**

6:10 PM          Step-Off for Stadium, Enter Stands

6:30 PM         Polytech Performs Pregame

6:55 PM         Star Spangled Banner – first impression

7:00 PM          Kickoff

2nd quarter, 5:00 on clock: Senior parents meet in front band stands; line up A-Z

2nd quarter, 1:00 on clock: Underclassmen: set #1 off the field, Seniors: meet parents at stands

HALFTIME: Senior recognition, followed by final home halftime show (no cuts necessary)


~9:30 PM       Estimated end of game

~10:15 PM    Estimated dismissal time once all areas are clean & clear

                        SIGN OUT SHEETS THIS WEEK


**Clear campus immediately after signing out**


7:00 AM         Band Room Opens

                        - Sign in for attendance (will be taken down 7:30 AM sharp)

                        - Put belongings/cases in EITHER 690 or 694. 

                        - Locker rooms will be open for changing *DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN THERE*

7:45 AM         Band Room CLOSES due to rear projector setup - Call Time OUTSIDE in Full Uniform

8:15 AM         Line up in hallway

8:30 AM        March in to gym - perform stands music and Star Spangled Banner

9:05 AM        Performance ends - band room remains closed until 10:00 AM

                        - You may change & leave if none of your belongings are in the band room

10:00 AM      Volunteers (leaders) set up table in Commons Area - greet 8th graders

12:30 PM      Clean up table, set up band room, & dismiss once finished.

~1:00 PM      Approximate closure time of band area.


7. PARENT UPDATE – “Beats from the Boosters”


Contact Information:

Michelle Miller, President –

Krispy Kreme was a success! Thanks to Dee and her crew that sorted dozens and dozens of donuts and had them ready for pick by the end of the school day! Our last home game is this Friday against Polytech – this is our last opportunity to raise money to decrease our Peach Bowl costs. What’s going on you ask? Gift Card Wreath Raffle - $5 a chance – winner will be announced on Friday! Apparel – all the new fall gear is out – start picking up stuff for Christmas! 50-50 raffle. Baked goods – all monies from the booster table end up going directly back to the band for this trip. Thanks for all of your support this fall!

  • BAKED GOODS! Fill our table with all the good stuff! Cooler temps means everyone has the munchies – we don’t disappoint! Send yummies in with your band kid or drop it off after school or on your way into the game on Friday. We appreciate your donations!

  • Just a reminder, Boosters are providing dinner this Friday to band students and staff – Moe’s – the survey has been sent out and closes tomorrow. Let us know either way.

  • Don’t forget Return Day Parade – Nov 8 – during the day – sign up to get your steps in with the band as they march through town!

  • Friday 11/9 will be an away game against Cape – dinner will be at the school before we load and leave.

  • Our gift card wreath is looking great – be sure to stop by the booster table to buy raffle entries! We are continuing to add to the wreath – up to $400 worth of cards currently. You do not have to be present to win! (flyer is also on Charms – thanks Dee for making it!)

  • On-going fundraisers – time to start thinking about Christmas shopping and stocking stuffing!

    • Wa-Wa hoagie cards – see Larry, he would love to hook you up with some!

    • Scrips Gift cards – check out the flier on Charms – fill it out and turn it in with a check – we will send you the cards. Shopping is easy!

  • These fundraisers help to decrease the total cost of trips planned for the band and help to keep the band running smoothly.

  • Email us below if you need any of the fundraiser order forms/fliers.

  • Make sure you have signed up and/or downloaded the Charms app. It is our go-to for volunteering and planning around calendar events!

  • Booster meeting is Tuesday, 11/13, at 6:30 in the band room.


If you have questions about a volunteer opportunity, contact us at





If you have any questions or comments, email both Mr. Kenney & G. Batten ( and


Have a great week.



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