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Update #15 - Sunday, November 4, 2018




  • playoff game is almost certain following last Thursday’s win. This will be an away game on Friday, November 16. Obviously, this is a required performance, as written in our band member agenda. Rumor has it that it will be against either Dover or Sussex Central. We will know more following this Friday’s game at Cape… just trying to communicate what I am aware of.

  • ALL-STATE applications are due on Friday. This for Jr. Band (grade 9), Sr. Band (grade 10-12), and Jazz (all grades). See me for solos, requirements, scale sheets, or any other information. This is highly encouraged regardless of your current ability. Those who try for All-State make the biggest improvement as band members.

  • PRACTICE RECORDINGS for Washington Post and Our Delaware are posted on the Member’s Area. These must be learned, memorized, and ready to be marched and played at your absolute best for Thursday’s parade.

  • I am currently backlogged on email due to my other responsibilities limiting me from having virtually any dedicated time to reply to emails. I hope to be able to reply to all outstanding emails on Tuesday on our day off. Sorry for the inconvenience…

  • For those attending the Peach Bowl trip, we will be finalizing the cost of the final trip payment very soon. I will communicate as soon as I know anything. More paperwork/information will be going home very soon as the trip approaches. 


[ ] Prepare for Return Day parade

[ ] Period 1: Prepare for Veteran’s Day Assembly (Friday)

[ ] Continue preparation for Winter Concert (only 5 weeks away)




  • Monday 11/5 [EVEN]: Jazz Band, 3:30 – 5:50

    • End of Marking Period 1

  • Tuesday 11/6: NO SCHOOL (Election Day)

  • Wednesday 11/7 [ODD/LDP]: After-School Rehearsal, 3:30 – 5:50

  • Thursday 11/8: Return Day Parade (call time 11:00 AM at STHS)

  • Friday 11/9 [EVEN]: MULTIPLE EVENTS

    • ALL-STATE APPLICATIONS DUE (Jr. Band, Sr. Band, & Jazz)

    • AM: Veteran’s Day Assembly (Period 1 Band Only)

    • Game #10: Away vs. Cape Henlopen HS


NEXT WEEK: GAME #11: Potential Playoff Game

  • Monday 11/12: NO SCHOOL (Veteran’s Day Observed)

  • Tuesday 11/13 [ODD]: NO REHEARSALS – BOOSTER MEETING, 6:30 PM

  • Wednesday 11/14 [EVEN]: Peach Bowl Rehearsal & General Meeting, 3:30 – 5:45 PM

  • Thursday 11/15 [ODD]: Jazz Band, 3:30 – 5:50 PM

  • Friday 11/16 [EVEN]: No Rehearsal *HOLD FOR POSSIBLE PLAYOFF GAME*

The long-term schedule can always be viewed by logging in to Charms at



DROP-OFF/PICK-UP FORM DEADLINE: Tuesday, 12:00 PM (no exceptions)

  • See page 21 of the band agenda for procedures.


11:00 AM       Band Room Opens

11:45 AM       Depart for Georgetown in FULL UNIFORM

  • Attendance taken on the bus

12:15 PM       Unload, Warm Up, Tune + Marching Fundamentals

1:30 PM         Parade Begins (currently no info on spot in parade)

~3:00 PM      Approximate end time

~4:00 PM      Approximate arrival time at STHS


3:15 PM         School Day Ends

  • We are working on the dinner situation… another email will be sent.

4:15 PM         Depart for Cape Henlopen HS

4:50 PM         Arrive, Unload, Warm Up, Tune

5:15 PM         March to Stadium

5:20 PM         Perform Show Pre-Game

6:00 PM         Kick-Off

~8:30 PM      Approximate end of game

~9:00 PM      Approximate departure time

~9:45 PM      Estimated arrival time at STHS

                        NO SIGN OUT SHEETS


6. PARENT UPDATE – “Beats from the Boosters”

Contact Information:

Michelle Miller, President –


Thanks to all our parents again for showing their flexibility as the game changed to Thursday last week – showing up, feeding our masses and making sure our band looked its best! We are so thankful for all of you! Saturday Open House was amazing – never having attended one, the volume of people that showed up blew me away. Our band looking amazing and performed fantastic for all who attended. We showed up and showed off! What a great recruiting tool for the band!

  • Return Day Parade – Nov 8 – during the day – sign up to get your steps in with the band as they march through town!

  • Friday 11/9 will be an away game against Cape – 6pm game time – dinner will be in route after we load and leave – double check leave time from school.

  • Be looking to get those uniforms cleaned if you haven’t done so already!SMART laundromat on Race Street in Georgetown is run by the parents of one of our 9th grade band members – if you are looking for a place to get the uniform cleaned.

  • Holiday Parade Line-up: Seaford (12/1), Baltimore (12/2), Milton (12/5), Georgetown (12/6). Be sure to check Charms to sign up to ride the bus and walk with us during these events!

  • On-going fundraisers – time to start thinking about Christmas shopping and stocking stuffing!

    • Wa-Wa hoagie cards – see Larry, he would love to hook you up with some!

    • Scrip Gift cards – check out the flier on Charms – fill it out and turn it in with a check – we will send you the cards. Shopping is easy! Will make 1 more order the end of November for Christmas delivery – get your form in to one of the officers if you are interested!

  • These fundraisers help to decrease the total cost of trips planned for the band and help to keep the band running smoothly.

  • Email us below if you need any of the fundraiser order forms/fliers.

  • Make sure you have signed up and/or downloaded the Charms app. It is our go-to for volunteering and planning around calendar events!

  • Booster meeting is Tuesday, 11/13, at 6:30 in the band room.

If you have questions about a volunteer opportunity, contact us at




If you have any questions or comments, email both Mr. Kenney & G. Batten ( and


Have a great week.



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