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Update #9 - Sunday, September 23, 2018




  • Congratulations on a very solid first home performance of the season! I have received a lot of positive feedback on the band’s performance of show and stands music, and quite a few people mentioned how excited they are to see how the band will continue to develop and grow throughout the season.

  • My performance notes and corrections for this game will be discussed at rehearsal on Tuesday, and then posted on the band website’s member’s area page.

  • 18 students were late getting back into the stands on Friday – do not let it happen again or 3rd quarter break will be taken away for the next game!


  • Our trip to Norfolk State was all about three things:

    1. Having the opportunity to perform in a large stadium in front of a brand-new audience.

    2. Watching an excellent college marching band perform first-hand to redefine our standards of excellence in marching, music, showmanship, and self-discipline.

    3. Seeing what other high school programs can do… even those less than 1/5thof our size.

  • Regardless of the outcome of awards/scores on paper, the band did a really excellent job on multiple fronts. The band staff collectively agreed that the band held it down in performance both on the field and in the stands, handled themselves professionally, listened well, and gave their best effort despite the hurdles: an early morning, tough weather conditions, a lot of “hurry up and wait.” We will take some time when we are together to reflect on what we took away from the experience, and use what we learned to look forward.


General Notes/Announcements:

  • Due to matters of higher priority taking up most of my planning time, I am back in “catchup mode” on email. I apologize to those still waiting for a response; there are over 100 emails I must respond to from last week alone! Thank you for your patience…

  • STUDENTS: make sure you read the booster update at the end of the email this week, as well as your parents.

  • Yet another reminder... if you will be absent ANY day for ANY reason for ANY part of rehearsal, it is not excused until we receive an excused absence request form. Refer to the band member agenda for further information (attached to this email).


[ ] Reassign shadows/drill adjustments based on first three games

[ ] Add new stands music for Friday’s pep rally

[ ] Fix issues in current stands music

[ ] Adjust halftime show for homecoming

[ ] Review marching fundamentals (clean up sloppy visuals)

[ ] Work on parade marching/conditioning (playing + marching stamina)

[ ] Drumline – make cuts for Dover battle, play drum show fluidly from start to finish

[ ] Memorization checks (Alma Mater, Neck 2K3, and/or show music)

[ ] Individual playing + marching checks during after-school rehearsals



    • Band classes: please remember pencils!

    • Band room closes at 3:15 PM

    • Georgia House Dinner Fundraiser (Millsboro)

  • Tuesday 9/25 [EVEN]: After-School Rehearsal, 3:30 – 5:50

    • Krispy Kreme fundraisers passed out

  • Wednesday 9/26 [ODD]: Drumline Rehearsal, 3:30 - 5:50

  • Thursday 9/27 [EVEN]: After-School Rehearsal, 3:30 - 5:50

  • Friday 9/28 [ODD]: Game #4: Homecoming vs. Appoquinimink HS

    • Pep rally during 7th Period

    • Plan to stay through after-school.

    • Dinner on campus at cost ($$):

    • Dinner information will be communicated in next update (Sunday 9/23)


  • Monday 10/1 [EVEN]: After-School Rehearsal, 3:30 – 5:50

  • Tuesday 10/2 [ODD]: NO REHEARSAL

  • Wednesday 10/3 [EVEN]: Drumline Rehearsal, 3:30 - 5:50

  • Thursday 10/4 [ODD]: After-School Rehearsal, 3:30 - 5:50

  • Friday 10/5 [EVEN]: Game #5: Home vs. Sussex Central HS

    • Pep rally during 7th Period

    • Plan to stay through after-school (dinner on campus - at cost $$)

    • Dinner information will be communicated in next update (Sunday 9/23)


3:15 PM         School Day Ends

                        - Put all belongings in Room 690 (will be labeled by section)


3:30 PM         “Nothing Better” Food Truck opens for dinner


5:40 PM        Warmup/Review Begins

6:10 PM         Parade Formation à march to stadium

6:35 PM         Appoquinimink performs pregame show

6:55 PM         Star Spangled Banner – first notes in stadium

7:00 PM         Kickoff

~8:00 PM      Halftime Show Performance
                       - We will leave stands with 5:00 on clock in 2nd quarter to warm up, tune, and focus

~9:30 PM      Approximate End of Game
                        Rides home: plan to arrive at this time
                        - Clean up band room, outdoor areas, and Room 690
                           *SIGN OUT SHEETS ARE IN EFFECT

~10:00 PM    Clear campus ASAP!

* Sign out sheets are required for ALL members of the organization, and will not be posted until our entire area of the campus is clean and orderly. Leaving early or not signing out will result in a grade deduction, and potentially one or more of the following: additional assigned responsibilities, temporary travel suspension, or drill reassignment to shadow status.



5. PARENT UPDATE – “Beats from the Boosters”


Contact Information:

Michelle Miller, President –


Our first home game is under our belt! Many thanks to all the parents who showed up to help! Then you got up early to head with the band on Saturday to Norfolk! I hope you had as much fun as we did! Many hands on deck make it so much easier to get our jobs done. Again – we thank you for showing up and jumping in! To those are you that haven’t joined us yet – what are you waiting for? We are enjoying getting to know our new parents and catching up with our seasoned ones!

  • Band members – PLEASE remember our parents are VOLUNTEERS – they are here for YOU! Be respectful and listen to the staff and volunteer parents, they are trying to help you look your best and be your best band!

  • Parents – PLEASE be diplomatic when dealing with our band members. Also, remember that the band staff is in charge . . . we are there to support and help – not make decisions. BE POSITIVE – there is no room for negative comments in front of our kids! If you encounter a problem – see a booster officer or one of the staff – do not go toe to toe with our teens – remember they are teens!

  • Homecoming! Link for Friday night’s dinner - this will close 4pm on Wednesday. Nothing Better Food truck – bring your $$ for some good food!

  • Georgia House dinner is tomorrow! We did a great job selling tickets. Come and eat! Don’t forget to come and serve/volunteer if you signed up.

  • Get your baking on! Baked goods are needed at the booster table this Friday evening. Drop them off as you enter the game. Please individually wrap items – we sell most everything for $.25-$.50. We sold out of all home-made items last week - Awesome!! This week will be even bigger since it is Homecoming! Thanks for your donations – apparently, they were super yummy AND popular!

  • Gift Card Wreath – tickets will be sold starting this Friday! Tickets are $5 each – we have hundreds of $$ worth of cards already! Keep them coming in! Check out the list of donated cards at the Booster Table.

  • October is for Krispy Kreme Donuts! Order forms for these will be available at the Georgia House dinner, and passed out during Tuesday band practice. A copy will be put on Charms later this week.

  • On-going fundraisers – time to start thinking about Christmas shopping and stocking stuffing!

    • Wa-Wa hoagie cards – see Larry, he would love to hook you up with some!

  • These fundraisers help to decrease the total cost of trips planned for the band and help to keep the band running smoothly.

  • Email us below if you need any of the fundraiser order forms/fliers.

  • Make sure you have signed up and/or downloaded the Charms app. It is our go-to for volunteering and planning around calendar events!

  • Next Booster meeting is Monday, 10/8, at 6:30 in the band room.

If you have questions about a volunteer opportunity, contact us at




If you have any questions or comments, email both Mr. Kenney & G. Batten ( and

Have a great week.


- Mr. Kenney



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